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The Latimore Group’s Wealth Builder VIP Rewards Card

To get your Wealth Builder Rewards Card, talk to a Latimore Group agent for details! 

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Our goal on The Latimore Group is to Help You Build Wealth Through Real Estate!™ Therefore, we have a FREE VIP rewards program for our valued customers, clients, vendors, and friends. Your Wealth Builder Rewards Card is one of the perks of our Wealth Builder Rewards Program. The card gives you access to a marketplace of tremendous value. It is not a gift card, or a credit card, or a loaded card. It is our FREE VIP card that allows you to save an unlimited amount of money.
You will have full and free access to a discount marketplace where you will save hundreds of dollars on hotels, movies, car rentals, entertainment, computers, laptops, flower delivery, spas, and more.

Here are just some of the discounts you will receive…


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