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Big Homie Lil Homie Mentorship Program

Big Homie Lil Homie is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that assists in uplifting our males by molding and shaping them into GREAT men of society through mentoring.


Big Homie, Lil Homie is committed to building strong, trusting relationships, positive attitudes, and life skills in young male’s through mentoring and life experiences.

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Got Questions?

For more information call 347-962-0234


Big Homie Lil Homie mentors and provides guidance for at-risk youth that are in in single-parent homes. BHLH is a mentoring initiative that caters to young males between the ages of 6-16 within the Greater Columbia Area. BHLH assist in uplifting our young males by molding and shaping them into GREAT men of society. Within this program, BHLH conduct male outings, discussions, and educational assistance geared towards leading and guiding them in a positive light. Currently, BHLH serves over hundred (100) students in the Columbia area.

A good role model and a positive environment bring out the best in kids.
• A positive attitude can transform a life, regardless of what one is going through.
• The kids of today will be our future leads of tomorrow.
• Kids we mentor today will pass the torch, as young adults, by mentoring the next group of kids.


What Will Be Done With Donations

Expand the services offered through Big Homie, Lil Homie within the surrounding Greater Columbia Area:

  • Partner with organizations in producing effective resources for our young males; generating a financial safeguard for our young males for various activities/events
  • Establishing an effective educational tutoring program in hopes of increasing test scores and GPAs
  • Maintain a continuous and professional relationship with our mentees and their families
  • Continue to have to Christmas toy drives
  • Continue to have thanksgiving food drives.


“There are too many boys who grow up not knowing what it takes to be a man. This organization does a fantastic job of showing these boys, how not only to be a man, but to be gentlemen. They are showing these kids that they can do anything they set their mind to and offer guidance and support to them along the way-and not to the kids, but the parents as well. It really takes a village.” – M.Laibly