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Keller Mortgage

Exclusively Available Through Keller Williams Agents!


  •  Zero Origination Fee
  • Zero Lender Fee
  • PLUS $1000 Closing Credit Towards 3rd Party Costs
  • PLUS A Low Rate

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Keller Mortgage located?

Headquartered in Dublin, OH.


What is ZeroPlus?

ZeroPlus is:

  • Zero Lender Fees
  • Plus $1,000 Toward 3rd Party Costs*
  • and a great, low rate!

The ZeroPlus Loan Program is EXCLUSIVELY available through KW Agents.
*$1000 credit applies to loans over $150k


How can I access the ZeroPlus program?

The only requirement for using the ZeroPlus Loan program, is that you are working with a Keller Williams agent, or buying a Keller Williams listing.  Contact your KW Agent for more details. You can also get started through the “Apply Now” button, located on the home page of this website.


Does ZeroPlus apply to refinances as well?

Yes, refinances are a part of the ZeroPlus program, as long as you were referred by a Keller Williams agent.


What kind of loans do we offer?

  • Primary, Vacation, and Investment homes (Residential 1-4 Units)
  • Purchase and Refinance (cash-out too)
    • Conventional –min. 3% down payment (all can be gift for qualified applicants)
    • Fannie Mae – DU
    • Freddie Mac – LP
  • FHA – min. 3.5% down payment
  • VA – $0 down payment
  • USDA – $0 down payment
  •  JUMBO – up to $3 million


How does Keller Mortgage deliver a strong pre-approval?

Keller Mortgage encourages buyers to submit a complete loan application and their financial docs, right up front. Not only does this give you and your buyers the strongest pre-approvals, but upon getting financial docs, we will have an underwriter review your clients application within 24 hours. That puts you in the best position to make a strong offer when your clients find that perfect home.


How can Keller Mortgage deliver such a great deal?

Because we are technology based and uniquely positioned with the largest RE company in the world.  We save money on marketing, office rents, and expensive on-site loan officers. We then, pass on the savings, directly to the consumer!


What is the minimum credit score?



Where are your rate sheets located?

Did you know that advertised rates are just a marketing tool for mortgage companies? There are over 8 reasons why these rates won’t be accurate and are usually outdated. Some reasons are credit score, down payment, property type, loan type, or occupancy. We offer tailor-made fee and rate estimates based on your actual financial profile and property type.


Difference between pre-qualification and pre-approval

Pre-qualifications are usually just a conversation between you and a loan officer. These conversations ask basic questions and guess what kind of buyer you are, and what you can qualify for in a home. These often lead to:

  • You searching for your dream home in an inaccurate price range.
  • Poor pre-qualification letters can decrease your chance of having a strong contract written on your dream home.
  • These pre-qualifications can also lead to late  or even cancelled closings.

Keller Mortgage Pre-approvals include a full free underwriting review of both your application information as well as all supporting documentation. These include:

  • Verified documentation of the borrower
  • The ability to confidently shop with your KW agent in the correct price range.
  • Secure a STRONG pre-approval letter so that you can confidently put in an offer on your PERFECT home.
  • Stress free process to closing.


What is the minimum loan amount?

The minimum loan amount is $65,000. We can only offer $1,000 credit on loan amounts $150,000+.


Where do I send my first payment?

Check your US Mailbox. You will have a letter from Keller Mortgage saying “send it to us” OR a letter from the NEW payment servicer with the NEW address. Keller Mortgage’s first payment address is: Keller Mortgage LLC ATTN: Payment Processing PO Box 639078 Cincinnati, OH 45263 Any questions should be sent to

If your first mortgage payment is due to Keller Mortgage, you can now make your payment right here.




Exclusive to Keller Williams Transactions for qualified applicants. Lender Credit is limited to loan amounts of $150,000 or above.

DISCLAIMER: This material is provided by Keller Mortgage for informational purposes only and is not intended to be, and should not be considered, legal advice. This communication does not establish an attorney-client relationship between Keller Mortgage or KWRI and any market center or associate. You must obtain legal advice from your own counsel on any particular matter that concerns you.