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Home Buyer Tips: What Online Listings Won’t Tell You

While it’s fun to look at homes online, the listing isn’t telling you everything. In fact, many houses have secrets, whether it’s the neighborhood or whether they are actually for sale! Only a team of trusted real estate professionals can help you avoid these common pitfalls of online listings:

  • The house of your dreams is located on a busy, traffic-filled street.
  • The nearby schools are not quite up to snuff.
  • The neighborhood lacks diverse amenities.
  • The price is not in line with comparable home sales.
  • The property isn’t even on the market.
These examples illustrate why it’s important to look beyond the photos in an online listing – and why it’s critical to have a real estate team you can trust to help you interpret all of the property information. This way you can make an informed decision about properties based on all the facts, not just the photos.


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