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The Latimore Group’s Home Sale Concierge Program


Home improvement projects are a normal part of the home selling process. Sometimes projects can be small while others can be large renovations. In any case, completing projects can be stressful and cause a financial strain no matter what size they are. Therefore, we have revolutionized the home selling process by completing pre-home sale improvements on behalf of homeowners that will truly pay off. We’ll never encourage a homeowner to invest in a project if it won’t have a positive impact on the listing price. And the best part…a homeowner will not have to pay for the renovation until the home sells.

Remodel Now…Pay When The Home Sells!

We assist homeowners that want to sell their homes quickly and for TOP DOLLAR. We specialize in turnkey renovations that will appeal to today’s buyers. Homeowners that work with the Latimore Group, and their partners, don’t have to worry about finding reliable contractors, choosing the right finishes, or even making upfront payments.  Our goal is to make the home selling process simple so homeowners can focus on their day-to-day lives. We’ll handle what’s needed to sell the home.

Check out some of our before and after photos below…

Homeowners can rest easy knowing their home can compete with other homes on the market.

  • STRESS FREE: We’ll make the renovation process as simple as possible. Leave the details to us.
  • PRE-SALE EXPERTISE: We are market experts that understand renovations and what today’s buyers are looking for in a home.
  • FAST & RELIABLE SERVICE: Projects will be completed quickly and with care.



150% Average ROI

Homeowners typically see a 150% return on their renovation investment in the sales price of their home.

ZERO Hidden Charges

Sellers pays us at closing. The scope of work is explained before the work is started. There are no credit checks or deposits.

Fewer Days On The Market

Homes we renovate to sell spend half as many days on the market.


For more information about our Concierge Program or to schedule a FREE consultation, call 800-836-3202 ext 1003 or email


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