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KW Careers: What Is The Keller Williams Ignite Program?

Online Continuing Education

Keller Williams IGNITE training is the real estate agent training course that helps our agents get started in the right way, complete with videos and supporting materials. The course consists of twelve modules called “Power Sessions.”


Real estate school DOES NOT teach students how to sell real estate-that is the job of the brokerages. When it comes to sales training, agents establish the success of their careers based on the brokerage they hang their license with.

The Keller Williams IGNITE course has a single objective: to propel both newly licensed and experienced Keller Williams real estate agents into immediate productivity. To achieve this goal, this real estate career training course contains a wealth of fundamental and foundational real estate content, enhanced by productivity-based exercises, an online tracking system, practical job aids, and powerful real estate scripts.

Here is a list of the Power Sessions:

Power Session 1: Ignite Your Business
Power Session 2: Build Your Business
Power Session 3: Find Your Business
Power Session 4: Win The Seller
Power Session 5: Price To Sell
Power Session 6: Sell Your Listing
Power Session 7: Win The Buyer
Power Session 8: Find & Show Homes
Power Session 9: Make & Receive Offers
Power Session 10: Negotiate The Deal
Power Session 11: Close The Deal
Power Session 12: Ignition: Blast Off!


Ready To start your real estate career OR take your current real estate career to the next level? Choose the option below…
  1. Watch The Short Online Career Pre-Orientation (ALL): CLICK HERE
  2. Register For The Online Real Estate School (UNLICENSED):
  3. Register For The Online Real Estate Exam Prep (UNLICENSED): (**School graduates only)
GOT QUESTIONS or READY TO JOIN Keller Williams? Email
Note: Remember to always let us know your current status with either getting starting in real estate or building your business so we can assist you with your real estate career.


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