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VIDEO: Let There Be Light: Adding Light and Space to Your Home


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In the real estate market, it’s all about location, location, location. But if you’re selling a home, there is one more key factor to consider – light. Buyers are looking for homes that have plenty of natural light streaming in from windows and doors. It creates a sense of openness, positivity, warmth, and coziness. Without sufficient lighting in your home, you will be at a major disadvantage when it comes time to sell. Here’s how you can help buyers envision the potential of your space by adding light and space to your home.

Open the Blinds and Shades

The first step to making any room look brighter is opening up the blinds and shades. This immediately allows natural sunlight to flow into the room and brighten up the area. Doing this alone can make a huge difference in terms of how buyers perceive your space. If possible, try to open multiple windows or doors in order to create an even bigger splash of sunlight throughout the room.

Add Additional Lighting

It can be helpful to utilize additional lighting fixtures such as lamps or sconces around dark areas within your home. If possible, seek out larger fixtures with higher wattage bulbs so that they can provide enough illumination for an entire room during daylight hours or after dark when potential buyers come through for showings or open houses. This type of supplemental lighting is especially important in homes without many windows or those located on busy streets with limited access to natural light due to nearby buildings or trees blocking it out completely.

Bring Some Colors Indoors

In cases where Mother Nature just won’t cooperate with her cloudy weather patterns, it may be necessary to add some artificial brightness indoors using colorful decor items like flowers or cheerful artwork pieces. These elements help suggest an illusion of sunlight streaming in from outside even if it’s actually quite dreary outside during showings or viewings of your home by prospective buyers. Whatever you do choose should be vibrant enough so that it stands out against its surroundings while complimenting other features in the room as well as larger elements throughout the house.

Bottom Line

Light plays an incredibly important role when selling a house since having too much darkness may cause potential buyers to question why certain rooms feel cramped and uncomfortable instead of inviting and cozy like they should be when viewing a property for sale on the market today. By implementing these simple tricks such as opening blinds/shades, adding additional lighting fixtures as needed, and bringing some color indoors with tasteful decor pieces – you can help ensure that buyers appreciate all aspects of what makes your home great! Doing so will ultimately increase visibility which will result in more interest from those seeking their dream abode!

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