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    FSBO: Home Selling Safety Tips

    This was a great video from the Arizona Association of REALTORS on Home Selling Safety Tips.

    This information is important everywhere…so ensure you watch this video!


    Here are some important safety tips to remember:

    1. Schedule appointments
    2. Give contact lists to family or friends
    3. Only show during daylight
    4. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER show your home alone to (male or female)
    5. Let prospects walk in front of you
    6. Don’t get boxed in when parking your car
    7. Carry your cell phone
    8. Carry an alarm or safety device
    9. Keep valuables out of sight
    10. Remove family photos
    11. Be mindful of groups
    12. Limit the personal information you share
    13. Be aware of your surroundings AT ALL TIMES!
    14. Don’t give access to your home to strangers (e.g. with a code box)
    15. Don’t give your key out
    16. Remember…If it does not feel right…then it’s NOT right!
    17. Avoid normal routines when you are coming and going
    18. BE ALERT for online scammers
    19. Be very cautious when you receive sight unseen offers
    20. Don’t put saving money over personal safety


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