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Home Buyer Tips: Four Signs a Bigger Home Might Be Better

Your home may have seemed just the right size when you moved in, but now are you feeling a little cramped? Here are a few signs it’s time for an upgrade:

1) Your goals are bigger than your house.
Whether you’re having more kids or inviting relatives to move in, you may find yourself needing more bedrooms and bathrooms than you currently have.


2) You want more resale value.
Homes with flexible space are trending because buyers want to be sure they have enough guest bedrooms for older family members (or boomerang kids!) who might visit or live with them. 


3) You need more space for entertaining – and your stuff.
If you’re tripping over furniture left and right and still have no place to host gatherings of family and friends, it might be time for a larger home – one that comes complete with larger living and dining spaces and more storage.


4) You can afford it.
It may have been some time since you last bought, so don’t forget that lenders will evaluate your credit, debt, assets, income, and the equity you have in your current home before approving you for a bigger mortgage.


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