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To enroll your business CLICK HERE

Dear Business Owner/Manager,

As your hyper local real estate experts, The Latimore Group believes that helping to connect businesses to their local community is just smart business. Therefore, we have created a program to do just that.

Connecting-To-Your-Community is a FREE Business-to-Consumer(B2C) initiative offered by our commercial division that allows consumers to learn about and support local businesses.

The initiative works in partnership with our Wealth Builder Rewards Program for our valued customers, clients, vendors, and friends. Each person in the program is given a Wealth Builder Rewards Card (shown below). The card gives them instant access to our VIP marketplace that provides a tremendous value on products and services. It is not a gift card, or a credit card, or a loaded card. It is our FREE VIP card that allows them to save an unlimited amount of money in our VIP marketplace.


As a business owner/manager, your participation in our Connecting-To-Your-Community initiative will allow your business to participate in our Wealth Builder Rewards Program for FREE. Your business will then be featured in our VIP marketplace with several other business. Here are just some of our partners…

To enroll your business CLICK HERE


We do not charge for an approved business to be a part of the VIP marketplace. Rather, the business must provide an offer/promotion to be eligible (e.g. 10% off, FREE gift, etc). By providing an offer to post in the VIP marketplace, you will have access to our large client network while advertising and driving more traffic to your business. And, as a bonus, Wealth Builder Rewards Cards will also be given to all vendors in the program, and their staff, so they can enjoy the unlimited savings as well in the VIP marketplace.


All we ask, is that as we refer clients to YOUR business, you refer clients to OUR business…The Latimore Group’s Residential Services or Commercial Services divisions. 


Benefits To Your Business

  • Exposure to our client network
  • No cost or fees
  • Build business referrals

Recommended Offers

  • “Special Rate”
  • $ or % Off Service/Charge
  • Free Gift/Added Service

So, What’s Needed:

  1. Complete the online Vendor Form: CLICK HERE
  2. Email your company logo to 
  3. Please provide up to 7 days for your business to be enrolled
  4. Tell us how many employees you have so they can all get a FREE Wealth Builder Rewards Card
  5. Keep The Latimore Group at the top of your mind whenever someone needs real estate services


So…What’s The Catch? There is none! We are connecting businesses to their local community and growing our network together. This program is a win/win/win for everyone.

  • Win #1: Businesses, are uniquely featured in our VIP marketplace using our VIP Wealth Builder Rewards Program
  • Win #2: Consumers can get instant savings from local businesses
  • Win #3: Our Residential Services Team remain local experts.


To enroll your business CLICK HERE


If you have any questions please feel free each out to me directly.


Donald Latimore, REALTOR®
CEO/President – Commercial Services & Investor Relations
on The Latimore Group




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