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Home Buyer Tips: 6 Hidden Costs of Home Ownership

You know the saying about best-laid plans, right? Even if you think you have everything budgeted for your new home, there’s always something else to consider. Here are 6 hidden costs of home ownership, so get ready!


FURNITURE AND DÉCOR   This is especially true if you’re sizing up!

UNEXPECTED REPAIRS   Disclosures and home warranties can help with this in the first year, but things may pop-up after that.

BASIC MAINTENANCE   From pest control to carpet cleaning, this can add up each year.

YARD MAINTENANCE   If you don’t already have them, you may need a mower, an edger, basic garden tools, and more-or money for a gardener.

UTILITIES   Check local rates for water, electricity, gas, garbage, cable, and other services you use.

SETTLING IN   You may need to purchase things like shower curtains or cleaning supplies during the first few weeks in the home. And probably more take-out dinners than usual!

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