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Monthly Archives: April 2019

    Home Seller Tips: 4 Upgrades That Won’t Add Value To Your Home

    By The Latimore Group | April 16, 2019

    Not all upgrades are created equal—some will add definite value to your home, while you may not recoup the full costs of others. Check out these common upgrades that may cost more than they’re worth.PUTTING IN A POOL Unless you live in an area with year-round warm weather, the costs of routine maintenance and safety concerns... Read More

    Did You Know? Here’s 5 Simple Ways to Cut Your Water Bill

    By The Latimore Group | April 3, 2019

    We could all do a little more to curb our water usage, whether we’re motivated by concern for the environment or a desire to shrink our water bills. Here are five places around the house where you could save some water: 1) Washing machine. Many machines allow you to choose a load size, and then... Read More