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About Us

Helping You Build Wealth Through Real Estate!™

The Latimore Group was started by Donald & LaToya Latimore in 2016 after years of experience in the real estate industry since the early 2000’s. Their focus was to help people build wealth through real estate by putting consumers and entrepreneurs in the driver’s seat to create their own financial future. They have helped countless individuals buy, sell, invest and have successful real estate careers.

BUT…It’s all about YOU!
The Latimore Group is committed to providing our clients with EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE. Our team of real estate professionals are PASSIONATE about what we do and we are focused on helping our clients build wealth through real estate-Buying, Selling, AND Investing!

For many people, owning real estate is the fulfillment of the American dream. Unfortunately, many Americans find themselves plagued with an inability to buy real estate. Therefore, the American Dream is just that…A Dream.

The Latimore Group has a solution…
Our dedication to being solutions oriented has allowed us to expand our reach in the real estate industry. Our mission is to make an impact on communities. Therefore, we have created a “Concierge Service” for buyers, sellers, and real estate investors.

So, what is so special about our approach?

The answers to that question played a key role in the development of our “Concierge Service”.

Our Simple Real Estate Solution Can Revolutionize The World!